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Aristotle Varner on how mindset is the key ingredient to achieve success

Aristotle Varner on how mindset is the key ingredient to achieve success

The phrase “self-belief and hard work will always bring success” has been reiterated by professionals countless times when talking about success in the business field. However, with over a billion business enterprises established in the last year, turning a business into a profitable venture is becoming increasingly difficult. At only 24 years old, entrepreneur Aristotle Varner is the owner of multiple successful businesses and has built multiple streams of income at a very young age. Here, he shares his journey from joining the military to becoming a millionaire.

Varner specializes in the investment industry and has built a trading course, an investing guide, and runs a group chat called Aristotle’s Signals and Learning with his wife. He understands time management and mindset to be the two major contributing factors. “Entrepreneurship is a 24/7 job. Making time for family, friends, the businesses, and yourself is so important. I have personally worked on making that mindset shift to allow my businesses to thrive,” he says.

Varner grew up wanting a financially independent life and learned the ins-and-outs of investing in the stock market during his four years in the military. His initial research was based on reading books, watching videos, and everything in between on the topic of option trading. A sense of freedom in terms of time and money for himself and his family urged him to start his own businesses, one by one, as a way of imparting his knowledge and growing as an entrepreneur.

He explains, “Train your mind to relentlessly do what it takes to reach the ultimate goal you have set for yourself, in terms of earning, savings, and success.” His business is personalized to a higher degree, bringing in what the competitors lack. That allows him to stand out and help teach people to become more financially literate through live courses as well as the group chat.

In the future, he hopes to share more lessons he has learned through his journey. Varner’s success story is a testament to how huge success is possible, irrespective of any obstacles if one is willing to put in the time and energy toward a goal that they are truly passionate about.

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