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Appropriate style of a trader in the language of Vahid Motaghi

Trading in financial markets, in addition to the knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, requires a suitable trading style in order to maintain human peace with that style, and thus become a profitable trader by mastering himself.

Unfortunately, in high-risk markets, because traders take unaccounted risks, they often exit the market unsuccessfully, while professional traders, who have the potential to make a permanent profit from the market, know full well that they should not be trampled on.  They should stretch more than their kilims and they should trade in such a way that they never get scared and greedy, and a professional trader should not be able to upset his losses and his profits should not be able to make him happy.  He accepts the loss as an integral part of his job without any financial or psychological consequences for him, and his profits are so great that he is fascinated and forgets about market risk, and he knows that he is looking for  Big profits can be big losses, so the profit-making process should be slow and continuous, and losses should be part of the profit-making process;  Losses that do not destroy you and give the trader the experience of one trade and the chance of winning the next trades.

This is why in high-risk financial markets like Forex, the trading volume is usually calculated in such a way that only 5% of the capital is lost if the analysis is wrong and the trade fails, as well as the annual return of a professional Forex trader.  It is about 50 to 150 percent per year.

If I assume that a trader can start trading with a capital of about two thousand dollars and can make 100% profit from the market annually, after ten years his capital will be about two million dollars, and this is what a professional should do in ten years.  Figure out.  And this number is very achievable unless you are in control of yourself and want more and more efficiency.

In this market, even if you are a professional, you can be destroyed overnight. It was almost four months ago that one of the greats of Wall Street destroyed his account of about seven million dollars overnight in an oil deal, and the news was quoted among traders.  And the candy became circles.

There is market risk, but if the trader has a suitable market style, the risk becomes a return for him.

In the financial markets, if you are anxious, if your transaction raises your heart rate, and if happiness gives you a good profit, or if you pray for your transaction instead of analysis, and if you can not handle various things safely.  You lose your focus, which means the Great deal is wrong.

You can increase the risk and, for example, risk ten percent of your capital, but after a good risk analysis strategy, you can be greedy but calculated.

Hopefully, dear Iranian trading community will be able to make more currency than oil.

A professional makes a small but permanent profit, and his style is appropriate for life, not making huge profits by taking aspirin.  High risk of taking aspirin)

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