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Antoine de Bujadoux shares 5 tips to help aspiring filmmakers build a successful career

Filmmaking is an art and filmmakers are artists. However, it’s a long journey to accomplishing a successful career in making films. Antoine de Bujadoux is a freelance film and commercial director. He has been making meaningful short films since 2016. His films have made it to some of the most prestigious film festivals like the Toronto Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival, FECIN, Festival Mundial de Cine de Veracruz, Go Debut European Film Festival, Sacramento French Film Festival, Les Hérault du Cinéma et de la Télé, and several more. His latest short film “Un vrai film de boules” – 2 spots for Movember has lakhs of views on social media and is widely acclaimed over TV in France. The film spreads awareness about Testicular cancer. Antoine shares 5 tips to help aspiring filmmakers build successful careers.

Collaborate with other filmmakers – When you are starting with making your film, you will need all possible support. What better team than fellow filmmakers? The best way to pick up the tricks of the trade is by working with other practicing filmmakers and learn from them.

Always be open to changes – Flexibility should be your second nature. You must be sure about your idea and vision. The interpretation should always stay flexible. A film is often a combined effort of everyone involved in it. So be open to corrections, rejections, and changes.

Technological expertise – You need not be an expert in every area of filmmaking but when it comes to the technical aspect, you should know what you want. Your vision needs to transcend into reality. For this, you should be well aware of the software and technology you plan to use.

Visual storytelling is the key –This is the most important aspect of Filmmaking, a quality one. It is one thing to think of a story and one thing to present it. Your film needs to be visually sound. The audience should be able to connect with your visual storytelling.

Be very serious about your film – This solely depends on your integrity. Making a film can be a fun project but your approach shouldn’t. You should approach every still of your film, short or long with utmost dedication and seriousness. It is crucial to set a ground for yourself. Be serious and committed to your filmmaking project.


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