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Angel Milan Beats, Canadian Music Producer On The Rise

Born and raised on the west side of Toronto, multi-talented producer Angel Milan Beats is emerging into the music scene with new sound. Growing up in a musically inclined home, Angel began paying attention to the music industry during the Mid-2000’s.To him, music turned into something much deeper than a hobby. It was a way to express himself and let his feelings out. This is what led him to experiment with his first compositions and beats. The artist himself stated that his beats are a pure reflection of his mood and how it feels. Whether it’s low energy and sadness, or happiness and hype, Angel creates a beat to reflect every situation and feeling that he experiences.

In 2015, Angel Milan Beats founded “Forwxrd Inc.” with emerging artist Surauchie. Together, they established this musical collective, with a goal to encourage listeners to be positive and go through life with a great mental attitude. Milan producing Surauchie’s 2018 Afro-Beat banger “Time” and even touching ballad, “Sometimes”, Both records were released under major music label Universal Music. Moving forward, his lasted mixtape release going into 2020 called “Butter”, produced, mixed and mastered by Milan himself along with Surauchie beautifully recorded vocals, was a complete masterpiece and definitely a new sound of Rnb!

Today, this talented R&B has been featured on many major media platforms and publications, including Complex Magazine, Earmilk, Elevator and Universal Music, only to mention a few. He shows no signs of slowing down, and he is always eager to connect with people through his production work.

Find out more about Angel Milan Beats and Surauchie, and more importantly, listen to this amazing new mixtape on the web!

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