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Android 11: Our favorite features as well as how to test the beta

Google as of late opened the Android 11 public beta to Pixel phone clients, yet the last form isn’t expected to formally release until not long from now.

Best Android 11 features

Android 11 heavily centers around correspondence, security, and better control of associated gadgets. It incorporates a patched up notification system, another power menu, and a few other littler features.

Here are a couple of ZDNet’s preferred new features in the update’s public beta – remember not these features may make it to the last Android 11 release.


Android 11 improves your conservation notification settings by presenting a commitment discussion segment in the notification shade, directly under Quick Settings.

These notifications can incorporate messages from visit applications -, for example, writings and Facebook Messenger messages – and they sit at the highest point of the notice community in Android 11. You can long-press on them to alter their settings and at last change how your talk string notifications show up.


Bubbles are at long last here. You may recollect catching wind of this element previously – it was intended for Android 10, however Google evacuated it before the last release.

In the event that you’ve at any point utilized Facebook Messenger’s visit heads highlight, at that point Bubbles will feel fundamentally the same as. In Android 11, you can tap a catch on a discussion warning to “bubble” it.

Your discussion will at that point stay on your screen, paying little heed to what you’re doing. You can move the visit bubble around and stack various air pockets on each other, all while never expecting to leave your different applications.


One of our favorite Android 11 highlights is another consent reset for applications you haven’t utilized in some time. The element auto-resets all authorizations inside applications that haven’t as of late opened.

You additionally now have the alternative to pick in for a one-time authorization setting for microphone use, camera use, and area data in applications.

At last, on the off chance that you select “deny” for an application’s authorization settings twice, Android 11 will hinder the application from approaching you for permission once more.


The Power Menu presently works sort of like an digital wallet. It, obviously, offers different controls for controlling or resetting your telephone yet additionally now Google Pay cards and passes and brilliant home controls. You can get to it by long-squeezing the force button on your Android gadget.


Android 11 moves your media controls into the Quick Settings territory directly above notifications. You can collapse or grow it to see collection art, a scour bar, and other music highlights.

All the more advantageously, there’s another catch that lets you pick where your sound plays. This makes it simpler to choose Bluetooth speakers and earphones.


A year ago, Google included valid, local screen recording to the Android 10 beta, yet it pulled it before the official discharge.

It’s back in the Android 11 beta. Likewise, presently, when you screen capture, a thumbnail will drift in the lower-left corner. Tap it to rapidly alter or share the screen capture.

Step by step instructions to get Android 11 at this point

Android 11 is presently just accessible as an open beta, however you can attempt it for yourself now.

Visit to pursue the Android Beta Program.

Sign in to your Google account when incited.

Your qualified gadgets will be recorded on the following page.

Click to take on the Beta Program.

Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to check for accessible downloads.

To pick in, you’ll have to sign in to your Google Account and affirm your gadget is qualified. At first, just Pixel 2 and more up to date Pixel phones can run the beta. More ought to follow soon.

You at that point need to select and check for the update. It ought to show up for your gadget inside a couple of moments. Make certain to impart your musings and criticism to Google straightforwardly from your Pixel.

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