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Andras Ra: Hyperlapse Artist has become a global phenomenon

Born in Hungary, Andras Ra got into Video Editing and video effects when he was only 14. He used to record his gameplay and upload it on YouTube which required lots of editing work. Andras Ra found the video editing work fun and it slowly became his passion. Andras Ra found a university course that can help him learn the skill professionally which would help out later in his career too. Andras Ra graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and specialized in Video Editing. For Andras,  a dream came true; as now he is able to dedicate his entire time to creating beautiful Video Edits and cut arts. His Hyperlapse videos are considered one of the best on Social Media globally with millions of views on his Instagram @andras.ra .

Video Editing is definitely one of the modern creations of digital technology and it is constantly evolving with time. Andras Ra explains that it takes time, resources and lots of energy to come up with even a minute-long video edit. The more you work; the more you will learn and be quick at editing. It is often easy to get burned out at a time or get swamped with lots of projects but if you keep working you will learn to eventually pull through these situations. Many people often think of Video Editing as an easy job that can be done with a few clicks on a monitor with suitable software but at a professional level, it’s a completely different game. You could be sitting for hours editing a simple 2-minute long video clip. Andras Ra is known for his amazing video edits and special effects on Social Media (remarkably for Hyperlapses) and he is one of the most popular on Instagram with more than 100K followers. Andras Ra works as a freelancer and regularly works with high end brands such as DJI, Insta360. Most of Andras’s work is on professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Andras Ra has become one of the most famous Instagram personalities for his travel-themed Video Edits and Reels. His work has often been featured in articles, magazines and other media. Going through Andras’s work one can often feel like an exciting ride as he moves from one location to another, capturing the beauty and excitement of each locality. Although Andras Ra lives in Germany, he often travels around the world and always shares his moments in the form of awesome Social Media Edits.

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