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And all our prayers were answered when we stumbled upon this refreshing jewelry brand: Freyatreasures.

Throughout this seemingly endless pandemic, what we all need is a breath of fresh air to feel
more optimistic. Many people turn to shopping as a coping mechanism and we are all for it.
But while buying trendy and quality jewelry is the best therapy, we all have to be conscious
about not breaking the bank. And all our prayers were answered when we stumbled upon
this refreshing jewelry brand: Freyatreasures.
It is a remarkably inexpensive jewelry shop crafted with good quality materials and intended
for everyday use. The designs are a mix between classic and innovative yet still
eye-catching and subtle. And the proof is in the numbers, they have garnered over 50 000
customers or ambassadors as they like to call them. By offering their customers some
exposure and discounts or store credit, they make their experience so much more
memorable and special.
By making the decision to share their ambassador’s pictures on their feed and website, they
have gathered a strong community of Freyaangels that supports the idea behind the brand
of encouraging women being confident. The Freya team has also made a conscious effort
not to enhance any of the pictures and represent women as they truly are which is a cause
everyone can get behind.
Tirelessly working to launch new collections and products is the price to pay to be authentic
and unique, they believe that standing out with your designs and quality is the secret to
making it within this market. And they do not disappoint, just check out their zodiac collection
to see for yourself. They also stand out with the incredible milestones they have surpassed
such as hitting 200k followers on Instagram, working with name brand influencers and
implementing a helpful customer service system.
A humbling fact is that this brand’s heart is as angelic as its name, and has stood behind
many movements to give back and make a difference. In a world where social media can be
a ruthless place where people are too quick to tear and judge others, this little shop tries to
do its part changing the world one treasure at a time

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