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An Interview with Rico Suarez, A Popular and Talented Actor

A new talented heartthrob is on his way! Rico Suarez has appeared in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and HBO’s “Ballers.” Rico is a Jack of All Trades who not only showcases his talent on the big screen but has also self-published a book titled “Know YOUR Norms.” Listening to his gut every day, he doesn’t let anything stop him from succeeding, and here at BELLO, we are eager to see what adventures he faces in the future!

1. Describe what it was like to work on the sets of “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” and HBO’s “Ballers.”

I enjoyed it. I consider these opportunities truly blessed and do not take them for granted to be on sets of big productions with talented actors such as those in these casts. Seeing what goes into making a successful production is eye-opening in itself. Having been on set, I was even more inspired since being around great people makes you great.

2. Why did you self-publish “Know YOUR Norms“?

Today’s social norms are described in this book and the paradigm that has been ingrained in us since day one. As a result, it highlights the labels, stereotypes, and pressures society places on the average person. If the reader cannot express themselves freely without being rejected and mocked by the whole world, they have been living a very average life. By reading this book, you will learn how to express, not impress society, and free your mind from the prison of conformity. Each day, we have to convert it into a habit, but the first step is to become aware that this happens throughout our lives.

3. When pursuing your dreams, what is the best advice you have ever received?

Listen to no one. Whatever they say, don’t listen to them. Do whatever you want and think is right for you. Check it out. Get started. Go experience yourself because Life is so short to consider what people think you should do or not.

4. Has acting always been your desired job?

It has never been my dream to become an actor as I never thought of it my whole life. I was very much inspired to become a doctor, but a few years ago, when I went for the audition for the first time with two producers, I started feeling passion and energy toward acting rather than medicine. It was my first chance to show what I am capable of and how excited I was inside, so it became my dream job then.

5. When did you decide not to go to Med school and set out your career?

I have always been impulsive, so I left it to God by giving up everything but leaving all the years of hard work for a bachelor’s degree in Pre-med seemed difficult. It was also difficult to tell my family that I was going everything to get an unstable career as an actor. Hence, I sacrificed everything I had, my family, degree, girlfriend, and peers. I never looked back and followed my passion’s calling, so the rest is history.

6. How did you overcome obstacles?

There is a huge list like poverty, asthma, jaw surgery, parents’ divorce, bullying, anorexia, and others, but I overcome them all by the grace of God. I don’t want to remember and regret the past things because there are people who have it worse, like missing arms, legs, eyesight, or cancer. I kept motivated and told myself that life is a blessing as I breathe; I can get through anything.

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