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Aman Rathee : Top Car Influencer in India Talks About Social Media Responsibility

Belonging to a well known and respected family in the city of Panchkula in Haryana, Aman Rathee is one of India’s biggest car influencers and enthusiasts. With a following of over twenty two thousand on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat), Aman Rathee has become a recognized figure in the car lover fraternity of the country.

Aman Rathee started off his journey by sending random snaps of his numerous luxury and sports cars to his friends on Snapchat and Instagram. Eventually, he realized that he had the skill to bring his passion for cars to a sincere medium and make his work reach more people. It was at that moment when Aman Rathee knew that he wanted to be a car influencer and style icon for the car community in India. One thing led to another and car related content began to be put up on Aman Rathee’s Instagram handle (@amanrathee10). Today, there are all sorts of pictures and videos of various sports and luxury cars and the audience seems to love it. Currently, Aman Rathee works regularly on his social media pages and intends to grow them not just in quality but also in speed.

Talking about social media ethics and responsibilities, Aman Rathee says, “Being any sort of influencer or social media celebrity means that you’re accountable and answerable to your audience. You can’t take it lightly. Also, I personally feel that besides focusing on your content, efforts should be made in the direction of uplifting people. I try to do that as well.”

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