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All of 18, Nishit Sangwan has emerged as India’s best Digital Marketing talent.

Nothing is impossible if one is determined to reach the top, this young digipreneur has proved it well.

The road to success is not as easy as it seems from a distance as it has its own share of setbacks which are tough to the core. Many withdraw halfway due to the fear to face the challenging circumstances and never make it, while some are determined enough to wade through troubled waters and reach the shores. Nishit Sangwan is one such name who has battled it out to reach the top and mark his presence in the digital world. Online presence has become the norm in today’s times as most of the brands and businesses have migrated themselves onto the digital platform, making it one of the most preferred mediums to reach its client base. The right marketing strategy can work wonders for any business and experts like Nishit know the exact formulas to put forth the most effective methods that can catapult any brand to optimum levels of success.

We wonder what made this Haryana bred young man enter this field and excel in it too. Nishit is quick to answer, “The digital medium always interested me since I was young, and the way the world of internet was moving forward, I was sure of wanting to dwell into this area and make a career out of it. With that thought I started learning the nitty-gritties of this business and with time gained enough confidence to excel in it and start my own Digital Marketing company which today has many celebrities and top companies as my clients.”

To stay in the game, Nishit constantly updates himself and brings out innovative strategies which hit the right target. His confidence and self-belief is at its all time high and that’s evident with the kind of work he is doing and the number of clients he’s handling. Within a short span of time, Nishit has secured his place in the top league and proven his mettle, be it creating engaging content on social media platforms or establishing his own companies Cele-Media and Asian, he has marched ahead past all in no time.

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