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After Incredible Investors Come Onboard, Entertainment Company MiraQle Sets Its Sights Higher

MiraQle has enjoyed a lot of success. What’s next?

Our new platform, FanPick, comes out in two months. This blockchain-powered platform will allow fans to cast their votes to make their dream collaborations or albums into reality. We’re also very excited about a new deal we’ve just made with Randi Zuckerberg’s company, is Media. Together, we’re going to produce amazing NFT products for fans.

Where do you hope MiraQle is in five years?

I hope we continue to test what we can do with our technologies and platforms, and as we keep growing, we can keep stretching into more and different parts of the music industry. Blockchain was a great start, but if we can keep growing as technology keeps developing, that would be amazing.

What do you hope music lovers get out of the MiraQle experience?

A one-stop place to engage with the music and artists they love without worrying about the lack of transparency the traditional music industry is built on. We build platforms for fans to engage with what they love. That is always going to be at the core of our mission.

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