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Acting Star Omari Hardwick & Recording Artist/ Entertainer New Breed Nye Spotted Together

These two popular personalities are definitely up to something great which will be revealed with time, speculate observers.

There is a lot of curiosity generated when we see popular celebrities meeting officially. That definitely means something is cooking, and the audiences are going to get introduced to something interesting owing to their collaboration. Out of the many such incidences where two celebrities have had a meeting and that hush hush affair was out in public is the most recent one involving Omari Hardwick & recording artist/entertainer New Breed Nye. These two were spotted together which has given rise to many rumors of their collaboration which would turn out to be a treat for their fans.

Omari Hardwick is an established American actor, or as the world may know as “Ghost’ is popular for his roles in the TV series Power. While also making appearances in Dark Blue, and in the movies Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna (2008), The A-Team (2010), Kick-Ass (2010) and Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls (2010). He received rave reviews for his role as Troy in the critically acclaimed Indie hit “I Will Follow” in 2011. He has also guest starred in an episode of NBC’s Chase as Chris Novak, a role which won him wide recognition. New breed Nye on the other hand has emerged as the most popular rap artist/entertainers, who has even been nicknamed as the hidden gem of Atlanta. This music artist has gained a massive fan following which has secured his place amongst the top music artists of present times.

These two popular names have been spotted together which has generated tons of speculation as they are bound to bring out something which would amaze the fans, for sure. It is still unclear what would be the outcome of their coming together, but fans can be assured that they are going to be treated with something special. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Omari to make a comeback. As for Nye, his journey as an artist has been extremely fulfilling, and it would be exciting to watch these two Georgia natives come together for a blast that would be remembered in times to come.

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