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Ace FIFA World cup Choreographer Shaffik Mohammed’s latest LO-FI Song Disco Girl Lofi is raising the tempo on the Internet

Shaffik Mohammed – a famous FIFA World Cup song choreographer probably needs no introduction these days. His new song Disco Girl Lofi is raising the temperature on the internet and youth seem to be crazy about listening to and enjoying the soulful voice.

About Shaffik Mohammed

Shaffik is a British citizen born and brought up in an Amsterdam Moroccan family of circus acrobats. Living along with six generations of acrobat family, Shaffik always wanted to shape his future differently. He was fascinated by singing and music since childhood. He has some very exclusive dance steps and holds a special place in the mind of audiences.

Well, besides performing in circuses, Shaffik continued his singing and dancing rehearsals. He has a very good command of voice and has very beautiful vocals. His new song ‘Disco Girl Lofi’ has created a craze on the Internet.

In response to his vibrating career choices, Shaffik says, “My family is my biggest supporter. They allow me to do what I wanted to. Nothing was possible without their support and blessings.”

“The song Disco Girl Lofi is a pop genre song and has a Lo-Fi music feel. I believe the song will attract more audience and will reach to high altitude”, says the sensational singer and talented musician Shaffik Mohammed!

What is Lo-Fi music?

Lo-fi is a subgenre of electronic music that has elements of chillwave, downtempo music, and lo-fi hip-hop. Hip-hop, jazz, easy listening, and house beats and samples were used in lo-fi music, which emphasizes the shoddy, homemade nature of analog recordings.

Lo-fi music can help you focus and feel less stressed, which will make for better study sessions. Students can lessen distractions while increasing brain activity with the aid of lo-fi and other musical genres. Various YouTube channels offer 24/7 low-bandwidth streaming for students.

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