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A Special Message from Senator Ron Book and the Lauren’s Kids Foundation to Help Kids and Grandkids have a Safe and Magical Summer 

Summer’s here, a time of boundless energy, exploration, and creating memories that last a lifetime! But with that freedom comes the responsibility to ensure our children’s safety. That’s why Senator Ron Book and the Lauren’s Kids Foundation are here to empower you, as parents and grandparents, to equip your loved ones with the tools they need for a magical and secure summer.

Building Champions of Safety: Stronger Together

This year has been a whirlwind of impactful action for Lauren’s Kids. We brought back the iconic 1,500-mile “Walk in My Shoes” trek across Florida, sparking crucial conversations about child safety in communities statewide. Our annual Golf & Gala events were a resounding success, raising vital funds for our cause. To top it all off, we secured a prestigious Gracie Award in Los Angeles for our exceptional EMMY Award-winning prevention curriculum videos!

These achievements are a testament to the incredible power of collaboration. Together, we’re making a monumental difference in safeguarding our children’s well-being.

Equipping Your Stars for Summer Fun: Free Resources at Your Fingertips

As your kids and grandkids dive headfirst into summer adventures, from sleepovers with friends to exciting online connections, are they equipped with the knowledge to navigate potential challenges? Here’s how you can be their ultimate summer safety champion:

Safer, Smarter Families: Your One-Stop Shop

Head over to our Safer, Smarter Families resource center, which has a treasure trove of age-appropriate safety lessons, tools, and tips specifically designed for kids and teens. Here, they’ll learn valuable skills in a fun and engaging way, empowering them to make informed choices and build unshakeable self-confidence.

Family Safety Toolkit: A Summertime Essential

Our comprehensive Family Safety Toolkit equips you with the tools and strategies to openly communicate safety principles with your children. It fosters open dialogue, allowing you to address potential concerns and empower them to become active participants in their own safety.

Celebrating Victories, Big and Small

Looking back, we’re incredibly proud of the strides we’ve made this spring. The “Walk in My Shoes” trek not only raised awareness but also served as a powerful symbol of solidarity with survivors. Our Golf & Gala events brought together a community passionate about protecting our youth, and the recognition at the Gracie Awards solidified the impact of our fun yet effective prevention videos.

The Journey Continues: Partnering for a Brighter Future

These accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without your unwavering support. Your dedication fuels our mission and allows us to continue fighting for child safety.

So, let’s make this summer one for the books! By equipping your kids and grandkids with the right tools and fostering open communication, we can ensure they have a season filled with unforgettable experiences, all while keeping safety a top priority.

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