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A Great Example of Beauty with the brain: Model and Producer Shweta Kothari

Shweta Kothari started her career in the fashion industry as a show stopper at a session in Surat and won Miss Freshers. With the support of her parents Mr. Satyanarian Heda and Mrs. Manjula Heda, she also won the title of Mrs. India in 2018 and was awarded by Mugdha Godse.
She got name and fame as a model within a short period due to the encouragement of her parents to chase her passion.

Life has its own rules, and sometimes they change before even getting noticed. The same happened with Shweta Kothari, who got married at a young age. However, with the grace of God, she was married to a family of open-minded people who supported her a lot, especially her husband Mr. Gaurav Kothari (Businessman).

It was a completely different journey for Shweta Kothari as she has to take care of her family as well as to pursue her dream of being the top model of the Indian fashion Society simultaneously.

Shweta Kothari devoted herself with full dedication, discipline, and focus to her aspiration. In 2019, she was able to win the title of Mrs. India Universe 2019 and was awarded by Runa Karmakar. Along with this, she also got a chance to represent as a finalist in Mrs. Universe Category by Bazaar International Company held in Dubai.

Shweta Kothari is also the founder and managing director of Namoh Motion Pictures, and she has done content promotion and marketing of various songs and movies of internationally renowned production houses.

She has also produced many album songs in Hindi and Punjabi languages. Her latest emotional music video song along with Aditya Singh Rajput for Zee Music has created a new fan base for her. The song named “Tum Pe Marna hai” promoted by Promo Expertz managed by Mr. Gaurav Rana has turned the doors for new ventures in Bollywood for her.

Shweta ensured that she put in her level best to seek the recognition that she yearned for since the beginning. She is determined for the appropriate use of all opportunities that crept in her path towards her dream.


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