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8 Mario Store Must-Buy Bestselling Digital Games Accounts for PlayStation!

Getting all the best games and Fortnite content has never been easier or more affordable – with Mario Store, you can get the best prices on your digital gaming content and start downloading and playing in minutes. Of course, with so much available at Mario Store, you may not be sure which to buy – that’s why we’ve round up our best selling digital games so you can choose from the products everyone else is buying!

1.    20+ Fortnite Skins and Other Games

With over 15,080 purchases and a 5 star rating, this 20+ Fortnite Skins and Games package is by far our most popular product. You’ll receive some great Fortnite skins from a range of seasons, such as Legendary 98, Black Knight, Banner and more, with dozens of games such as Black Ops 3, FIFA 19. The account info you need is delivered instantaneously upon purchase, so it’s a no-brainer!

2.    Large Great Games Package

Want to get the best available games for an incredible price? How about over 150 of the best games on PlayStation? If so, this Large Great Games package is a must-buy. With over 8,830 purchases and a 5 star rating, you really won’t be disappointed! Some of our customers even receive close to 200 games, or some incredible Fortnite content, so this is by far one of the best digital games accounts to buy. 

3.    Medium Great Games Package

Another of our most popular products is the Medium Great Games package – it has been purchased over 7,650 times! With another 5 star rating, you really can’t go wrong with this package, as you’ll get an incredible selection of over 100 games to copy to your account and get playing! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to go about doing that, as our 24/7 customer service team will be there to help you if you struggle.

4.    Small Great Games Package

If you’re looking to get some new great games and are happy to have a surprise for what you get, this Small Great Games package is a great purchase. With over 6486 purchases and a 5 star review, you’ll know you’re purchasing a great digital games package. You’ll get a Sony PSN ID with a handful or random games you can copy and play on your own account – it’s really that easy!

5.    GTA5 and Other Games

With almost 5000 purchases and another 5 star rating, this collection of GTA5 and other popular games such as Modern Warfare and 100+ other games that will keep you glued to your PlayStation!

6.    Fortnite Mako Umbrella and Other Games 

With a 5 star rating and over 3765 purchases, this Mako Umbrella and Other Games package is one of the best ways to get the Fortnite content you need with hundreds of other great games thrown in. You’ll get the Mako umbrella, skins, dances and more, plus other great bestselling games.

7.    FIFA 20 and Other Games

For the sports lovers, this FIFA 20 and Other Games package should definitely be in your basket. With 1652 purchases since its release and another 5 star rating, you can join the other customers who have received games like GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rocket League, Black Ops 4, and much more!

8.    The Last of Us 2 and Other Games

While this product is currently new to our store, it’s worth mention simply because it’s seriously good value for money and one of the best ways to get your hands on the Last of Us 2. This is a game that has wowed critics and divided fans, so if you’ve played the first and are ready to jump into the sequel, this Last of Us 2 and Other Games account is a must-buy.

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