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24 years old networker from Germany generates passive income for tons of people.

Fabio Menner the young talented guy made people rich with his network marketing skills.

Fabio Menner is a marketer in Crypto currency market. He believed that people should generate passive source of income from Crypto Market. He predicted that network marketing industry is future oriented market. He ensures transparency with the decentralized smart contract so no third party like MNC, managers and other company can get the advantage. It is published on the internet so this cannot be reversed and hence people can join and take its advantage. People invest in the smart contract that works for them and it decides in which field the money has to be invested. The primary fields are Lending and exchange, yield farming, liquidity mining and trading and staking. Returns depend upon the investment. The more you put the more you get. He assures 0.1% to 0.15% of daily returns.

He received super success with over 1400people and gained 10 million dollars in smart contract with crypto broaching. He established his new company in Middle East with his friends.

Their main motto was to help people especially German speaking people who come to Dubai have to just contact them to get hotels, cars, adventures and other stuff. 

He undertook his study in Germany and later realized that he is mean for something big. He wanted his wood to be filled with money. He promised his late father that he will take care his mother in whatever means. He also realized only money can give his children and mother a lavish life so he made each and every day count.

He believed that beginners, advanced and experts can generate a good amount just by following his podcast where he shares the tips. Any individual who plans to get into network marketing can listen to the podcast of Fabio Menner which share valuable information.

His goals were not only to grow big but he also wanted his people to grow along with him. He set the target of sales over 100 million dollar.

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